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The New Alaska Gold Rush Is On!

December 8, 2011

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With gold well above the $1500/ounce mark, the new gold rush is on, especially in places like Alaska.

With so much untouched land, any gold bug with a desire to “Strike it Rich!” has thought about how they can claim some of that Klondike gold for themselves.

However, for most people  one of three things will probably stop them from even trying to find gold in Alaska:

  • Time – Most folks work a 9 to 5 job and just don’t have the time to contemplate such an undertaking
  • Expertise – Do you know how run a bulldozer or backhoe? I know I don’t – so for me I’m sticking to panning the local riverbeds.
  • Money – Ah, yes money – the great equalizer. Even if you have the time and the experience, so you have the $100,000 or more it would take to acquire the heavy equipment, dredges, pumps and generators not to mentiongold rush alaska discovery tv channel bug investor miner pan creek claim klondike the fuel to run all of it?

The TV Fantasy

It’s a real eye opener to watch TV shows like Gold Rush Alaska on the Discovery Channel. These guys have bet hundreds of thousands of dollars of their family’s net-worth, taking a chance to strike it rich.

Alaska is a harsh place – with the cold temperatures and rugged terrain the biggest problem is often just getting to where the gold might actually be – let alone finding it and pulling it out of the ground. But the allure remains and as long as there is gold in the ground someone will try to find it!

Since not everyone has the time, experience or money to set out on their own gold expedition – it’s not surprising that you can find plenty of opportunity to trade your cash for the chance to share the wealth in gold claims owned by those claim to be more capable.

The Cash Investment

alaska gold venture llc mine claim stake klondike porcupine big nugget mine .jpgTake for instance the Alaska Gold Venture LLC – I found them online with a quick google search. They are looking to fund their mining operation on the claims they already control in the Klondike. For a mere $10,000 you can buy one of 25 shares currently available in their Limited Liability Company. The folks behind this LLC, claim that you may receive up to a 300% return in this high-risk investment. You may also lose all of your investment – all 100% of it.

For me, the risk:reward is too high on an opportunity like this. The estimated time for this investment to reach completion could be 3 years or more for a 300% return. Compare that with owning physical gold which in the last 10 years has gone from about $300/ounce to close to $2000/ounce – that’s up to a 600% return and with little or no chance that gold will ever go to $zero!

It’s fun to watch and even share in the victories of those who take the risks of striking it rich with gold – but remember that even in the California Gold Rush of 1849, it was  Sam Brannan who became the richest man in California selling pans, picks and shovels!

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