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We have arrived…

December 14, 2011

We have arrived…gold bug investor newt gingrich president gold eagle coin collector hoard bullion

Newt Gingrich is running for President, MF Global some how “mis-placed” $1 Billion U.S. Dollars, economists are calling for another recession and gold drops over $80/ounce, it’s third fall in three days. Gold has now hit the $1500 range.

With the Fed now conceding that the economy has remained weaker than anticipated and hinting that QE3 may just be weeks away (let’s get through this whole holiday thing first!) – the dollar will continue to collapse and that can mean only one thing. Continued rising inflation is on the way.

Zimbabwe Calling…

gold bug investor zimbabwe hyper inflation gold coin collector rare pcgs ngc eagle mintWith the Fed in control it’s not likely we’ll see anything close to the hyperinflation of Zimbabwe – but when the inflation needles starts to rise you better be holding some hard assets if you hope to survive – we’re talking real estate and gold. Real estate has it’s place, obviously you can live on your gold, but it’s expensive and not very liquid.

Buying Gold Eagles

I’m getting ready to add a few U.S. Gold Eagle 1 oz. coins to my holdings. As of gold bug eagle investor coin proof mint pcgs ngs collector rare investment passivethis writing, with Gold is trading at $1583/ounce, Kitco is quoting $1670.59 and Blanchard is quoting $1649.61. I’ll be watching the quotes closely to see if I can pickup a few Gold Eagles for under $1600/ounce.

What are you buying?

Are you buying or selling? Holding what you’ve already got? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about gold!

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