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The gold rush is on! Everywhere you go someone displays a sign, “We Buy Gold!”

I’d suggest avoiding such places unless you’re in a bind and need cash fast. Typically they pay only 50-65% of the market rate for the gold they buy. Check with your local jeweler or you might even consider a Pawn Shop loan before selling any of your gold outright to one of these gold buyers.

I believe gold is an important part of any well designed portfolio of assets. However, like any good thing it’s possible to have too much and most experts warn not to put more than 10% of your holdings in gold.

  1. are you a gold miner? Small dredger? Just curious- contact me a www, I am at my inlaws computer right now.. Curious about your blog. I am all of the above


    • Hey Rick –
      Thanks for the comment. I’m just a recreational gold bug / panner with an interest in all things gold & gold rush related. Think 1800’s gold / silver coins, gold rush memorabilia, wells fargo collectibles etc. I’ll definitely check out your site…


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